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Hormonal Testing

Hormones are crucial to a woman’s reproductive health. The main hormones affecting the menstrual cycle and fertility are produced by glands in the brain and by the ovaries. Those hormones regulate menstruation, fertility and sex drive (libido) – any one of which can be adversely affected if the production of these hormones goes out of balance. 

Advance Dried Urine Test D.U.T.C.H Test: 

The advanced dried urine test for hormones is an ideal test for complex hormone patients. This comprehensive assessment (D.U.T.C.H) test will measure and identify: Oestrogens, Progestagens, Androgens, Glucocorticoids, free Cortisol, free Cortisone, and Melatonin. 

This test is ideal for a comprehensive overview of a patient’s hormonal status or trying to find the underlying cause of a real complex hormone related issue.

Saliva Hormonal Test: 

The Saliva hormone profile extensive expands on the basic hormone profiles in that it investigates hormones such as oestrogen (E1, E2, E3), progesterone and testosterone.

Salivary and Urine hormone measurements are the most accurate analyses of oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in determining hormonal imbalances.


Common Conditions:

Symptoms of Menopause 

Weight gain

Night sweats







Irregular menstruation

Mood changes

Brain fog

Vaginal dryness

Bone loss

Dry skin

Disturbed sleep patterns

Low libido



Female Fertility Profile 

The Female Fertility Profile tests female hormones Oestradiol and Progesterone through the course of the month, along with an AMH, FSH and LH measurement at the luteal phase of the cycle. Measuring progesterone and oestradiol throughout the 28 day during the three phases of the female menstrual cycle (follicular, ovulatory and luteal phases).

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is a hormone that is normally produced in the ovaries in females. The level of AMH increases significantly during puberty in women, then it gradually decreases through their reproductive years. AMH is used in the assessment of ovarian fertility. It is used to gauge the ‘ovarian reserve’ or how many eggs a woman have remaining.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) promotes the growth and development of the ovarian follicle during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle and also contributes to progesterone secretion during the luteal phase.

Luteinizing Hormone LH – In conjunction with FSH, a high level of LH mid cycle triggers ovulation and promotes secretion of progesterone and estradiol from the ovaries. Like FSH, LH deficiency or excess may be associated with infertility.

Common Conditions

Fertility issues

If considering IVF

Underlying female hormonal imbalances

Cortisol Profile 

Cortisol Profile - Saliva 

Salivary cortisol testing is the most accurate and powerful non-invasive salivary hormone test that evaluates bioactive levels of the body’s important stress hormone cortisol. This hormone test (stress test) serves as a critical tool for uncovering biochemical imbalances underlying anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome (Adrenal Fatigue), obesity, dysglycemia, and a host of other clinical conditions that may affect our day to day lives.

Common Conditions:




Poor concentration, ‘brain fog’

Energy levels

Fatigue, lethargy

Salt cravings

Sugar craving

Mild depression

Lack of stamina

Sexual dysfunction

Irregular sleeping patterns

Thyroid dysfunction

Blood Pressure

Impaired Immune System