Functional Testing Pathology Testing

Functional / Pathology Testing 

Functional pathology tests are used to investigate functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal status. They balance alternative approaches. The results assist practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients seeking a holistic approach to health.
Functional Pathology testing provides a tool for early intervention, management and monitoring of ongoing treatment efficiency in which our tests are designed so patients can collect specimens in the privacy of their own homes.

Functional testing available in Clinic: 

  • Comprehensive hormonal test - (Urine - Saliva or blood test)

  • Food intolerance test IgG/ IgA/ IgE : 96 food - 144 food - 208 food (Blood)

  • Comprehensive Cortisol test (Urine / Blood)

  • Comprehensive neurotransmitter test (Urine). 

  • Hair mineral analysis

  • Pyrrole 

Pathology testing:

  • Full blood count 

  • Comprehensive Thyroid test 

  • Liver function tests

  • Iron study 

  • Cholesterol study 

  • Insulin and Glucose 

  • Vitamins and Minerals


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